Bill Ray Images | About the Artist

I first became passionate about photography doing black and white darkroom work as a teenager, trying to make my pictures look like those of Ansel Adams after taking mine from “above his tripod holes”.  Later, the great color nature photographers like Robert Ketchum, Elliot Porter, and Art Wolfe provided inspiration.

Our eyes generally see more than a photo can display.  We can concentrate on part of a scene while staying aware of the totality, then instantly shift focus.  Our vision can handle a wider range of light and dark in one glance than a camera.    I love the times when I can overcome the technical differences to bring a “like being there” feeling.  Capturing the 200 billion stars of the Milky Way is the exception because the camera can reveal beauty our eyes cannot see. 

I believe there are deep spiritual reasons why beauty stimulates the pleasure circuits hard-wired into our brains. It suggests there are reasons why the Universe exists at all.  It should remind us that “dominion over” means to be responsible stewards of the planet.  My mission is to refresh this sense of connection in humanity’s increasingly urbanized human-centered worldview.  

I live in Edmonds (near Seattle) and am an award-winning member of Seattle Photographic Society and ArtistsConnect, plus an ArtWorks Photo Instructor.